About Us

Commercial Construction

Bell Tower Construction’s team are experts in Commercial Construction. No matter the project you can count on us for your commercial needs, whether it’s a renovation of an existing space or new construction we have the know how and experience to make your project a reality. Check out our portfolio for examples of our successful commercial construction projects!


Custom Homes

Bell Tower Construction’s team specializes in one-of-a kind custom homes. With the look and feel of craftsmanship created with skill, hard work, eye on detail as well as dedication to quality. Custom homes range in size from 1,800 to 10,000 square feet.


Remodels / Additions

From complex remodels to home additions, the Bell Tower Construction team has changed family lifestyles to address family growth and change. Additions of sunrooms, garages, outdoor living areas, entertainment areas, kitchen remodels and living space reconfigurations address changing family needs.



For each restoration project the Bell Tower Construction team’s primary focus is to ensure original historic intent. Dilligence is placed on obtaining the proper materials and replying skilled craftsman for the finest details of the project.